Health guarantee

Seller: agrees to sell one Cocker Spaniel


Deposit of half $_______________Received on _______________20___

All money is NON_REFUNDABLE. It can only be moved to another available litter.

Final Payment, remaining balance $ _______________.

Paid in full on _________/_________/__________

Pick up or shipping date is _________/_________/__________

Any time after the agreed upon date is a $15/ day charge to hold puppy if prior arrangements have not been made.

Delivery fees, if needed are due 10 days before delivery or shipping. You are responsible for all shipping fees and any overages that occur which is non-refundable.

All puppies come with limited AKC registration, pet health record and if puppy is being shipped, a health certificate. If the puppy will be shipped the papers will be sent USPS after full payment has been made.

The puppy's health is guaranteed up until 12 months of age from any hereditary congenital defects that are life threatening or causes death.

Dog must be seen by your Vet to confirm it's sound within 14 days of possession and conformation mailed to me.


Excluding any: Accidents, fleas, mites, hernias, parasites, poisoning, cherry eye, bacterial/viral infections, worms, coccidia, giardia, of one testicle down. These do nit render your puppy unhealthy. Some of these can be caused from the ground, in water and public places and being around other pets. Buyer must supply me with a vet report & all original paper work. If there is a congenital defect that is life threatening, my vet will examine the documents and decide if this is a congenital defect that is life threatening. If so, then a replacement of equal value will be given when one is available. buyer is responsible for all bills incurred and is responsible for delivery of replacement puppy and return of original puppy. The purchaser acknowledges that puppy ownership involves vet bills and expenses.

Puppy will be up to date on shots before it leaves, you MUST take precautions to protect your puppy until it has completed it's series of shots.

Buyer agrees to provide usual and customary care and vet services for this animal's lifetime.

Dog/ puppy must be spayed or neutered by 6 months of age.

*Seller can change their mind in selling said dog/puppy at any point before the dog/puppy leaves the premises and a full refund will be given, including any shipping costs paid within 60 says VIA PayPal.